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Mina Ho Ferrante is also known as Hồ Mộng Nhã Uyển.

Mina Ho Ferrante was born and raised in Vietnam until she was 21 years old.

Before moving to the United States, she had a solo exhibition of silk painting

at the Fine Art Association of Ho Chi Minh city. The city’s daily news then

named her “Vietnam’s youngest solo exhibition artist.”

In 2017, Mina Ho Ferrante had another solo exhibition in Ho-Chi-Minh City,

Vietnam. The show was a success with 25 out of 30 paintings were sold.

She also donated some of the profit to charity purposes to help the orphans

and other people in need.

In America, Mina attended The Academy of Art College, San Francisco. During the third year at The Academy of Art College, she was one of the 35 students recruited from 13 top art colleges in America and Canada to attend Walt Disney’s Animation Training Boot Camp. Upon completing the “Boot Camp,” Mina was one of the three students who received a scholarship and post-graduation offer to work for Disney Feature Animation Studios.

At Walt Disney Animation Mina worked as a background designer for animated films included Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Home on the Range, Tarzan 2 and Lilo and Stitch 2.

Mina is a member of Portrait Society of America, California Art Club, Burbank Art Association, Pasadena Society of Artists, Glendale Art Association and Women Painters West. She is involved in state-wide exhibitions across California, earning many awards with her expressive and lively paintings. Mina also received multiple awards from many juried art shows:

  • 2020- Best of Show- Burbank Culture Art Commission’s Hidden Jewels

  • 2018- First Place- Haggin Museum- Stockton, Ca

  • 2019 to 2015- Best of Show – Burbank Art Association’s Fall Art Exhibition

  • 2017- First Place – GAA’s Spring Show – McGoarty Art Center, Tujunga, Ca

  • 2017-Third Place – Women Painters West’s Love In Deed, Topanga Canyon Gallery, Ca

  • 2016- First Place – San Fernando Valley Art and Culture Center’s The Color of Winter, by GAA

  • 2016- Second Place and Honorable Mention – The Haggin Museum’s 59th International Juried Exhibition

  • 2016- Best of Show – Glendale Art Association’s Spring Salon

  • 2015- Honorable Mention – Glendale Art Association’s Small Works

  • 2015- Best of Show – Burbank Art Association’s Spring Show

  • 2014 to 2012 – First Place – Burbank Art Association’s Fall Art Exhibition

  • 2012- First Place and Third Place – Burbank Art Association’s Spring Show

  • 1997- Third Place – Academy of Art Spring Show

  • 1997- First Place – Strathmore International Illustration Competition

Mina now lives in Burbank, California with her family. Currently, Mina is pursuing her MFA of Art History at the Fort Hays State University Graduate Online School. When not taking care of her family and painting, she volunteers in the community and writes. Mina also teaches drawing and painting classes for both adults and children. In 2016, she had her first book published. It’s a bilingual fiction titled “Prince of the Sea,” which she wrote and illustrated.

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